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قديم11-20-2013 #1

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November 20th, 2013

[justify]الانشاءات الثلاث الاولى للصف السادس الاعدادي للمنهج الجديد للاستاذ محمد جودة العميدي / مدرس اعدادية المحاويل

AB. P: 23 Exercise : (G)

Cigarette advertising should be illegal
Smoking is harmful to the health of both smokers and passive smokers. First , it is responsible for many health problems . Cigarette advertisements can be seen in magazine , newspapers and on billboards . They can also be seen in stadiums , on plastic bags and T-shirts . A lot of people , young men and children usually see these advertisements . Through these advertisements , the tobacco companies are trying hard to get people to buy cigarettes. Furthermore , the tobacco companies spend a lot of money fighting against the reports about the health dangers of smoking . Young men are easily influenced by cigarette advertisement , so they start smoking early .It is very common now to see very young smokers all over the world .

(116 words )


AB. P: 46 Exercise : (k)

Dear Ahmed ,

My pieces of advice on how to get the job will be a good help . You should be on time for the interview in the company. You shouldn't ask about the salary because asking about money makes it seem that you are after money only . As a jobseeker , you should know a lot about the company you are going to work in before the interview. You shouldn't use slang words to make the interviewer understand your skills and qualifications . If you are asked to talk about yourself , you shouldn't tell them your life story.
You should dress appropriately for the interview because the first judgment is going to be on your appearance . You shouldn't deny your weaknesses because this gives the impression that you are truthful . You should thank the interviewer after the interview .

Best wishes ,


AB. P :72 Exercise (H)

The Advantages of studying English in Britain
Studying English in the country where it is native is of a great importance. That is why a lot of people prefer to study English in Britain . It is a great opportunity not only to explore the new culture , but also to hear people speak English all day in various situations .Furthermore , travelling all around the country and meeting interesting people offer lots of opportunities to practise speaking good English . I think it is a good idea to stay with a British family sharing the way of life. Moreover , watching films , listening to radio , reading English newspapers and magazines help increase your vocabulary. Finally, there is no easy way to study English better than observing British way of life .

(119 words)

Emperor غير متواجد حالياً رد مع اقتباس
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القوات السورية تخطف مواطناً لبنانياً في البقاعقائد الجيش اللبناني يتفقد الوحدات العسكمدرس متوسطةمنتدى الاخبار العاجلة009-02-2012 07:37 AM
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الوحدات الأردني يمزق شباك دهوك العراقي ويقترب من المربع الذهبي في الكونفدرالية الأسيومظهر البدرالمنتدى الرياضي العراقي209-27-2011 08:50 AM

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